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FISHEYE Architecture & Design for a systematic approach to project development. A transparent scheme and a clear sequence of stages are our advantages.

FISHEYE Architecture & Design is a full-cycle interior design studio. These are design, field supervision, furnishing with furniture, lighting, plumbing, decorative and building materials, organization of repair work, approval of redevelopment. We have been working since 2009. We also take on remote projects for customers from other cities and states. During our work we have gained sufficient experience and knowledge to offer a quality product and a well-functioning project management scheme allows us to easily regulate processes.

In our projects, we solve the issues of functionality and operation that face the client. We create housing that meets all the requirements of its inhabitant, habitual and intuitive in relation to daily activities. Each project is a reflection of the habits and lifestyle of our client, a set of individual features unique to him and his loved ones.
People who make the project for you
Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Chief-designer and founder of FISHEYE
My team is the best people. Together we work to make our customers happier. To do this we always use the same trick - prepare a quality project and implement it accurately and without fuss.

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Our customers
If you would like to work with us, let us know.
We will do our best.
All our actions are aimed at protecting the health of our clients, their success and stability. And we are happy when you are pleased with the results of our work.
Our task was to make repairs in the apartment (old apt. in St. Petersburg) for a family: 2 adults, 2 children. Basic principles: cozy, practical, simple. We got to Aleksandr thanks to the Houzz app. We celebrated the interiors we liked and all that we liked was the Fisheye projects. We met with Aleksandr and agreed. It is very convenient that all the work is divided into stages. First, we met and expressed our wishes as accurately as possible. We formalized them in the terms of reference. Everything down to the smallest detail. Then Aleksandr proposed about 6 layout options. From the simpler to the most daring. The layout was approved.Then the most interesting stage is visualization, when you can see with your own eyes how each room will look. We fantasize, gush, work out every nuance. We approve. We start the repair. Separately, we are working on all the electrics, where we want sockets, switches. Separate ventilation. Separate light. Separate bathrooms. And each stage is recorded on paper. At any time, you can look in and clarify. It is very convenient that the field supervision is carried out. If you do not always have the opportunity to come to the apartment yourself. Once a week - a full report with a photo of what was done during the week. We are not finished yet, we are in the process, we will finish in three months, but already now we can say that it is great happiness and good luck that we began to cooperate with Fisheye, and in particular with Aleksandr Kuznetsov. He hears very well, as if you grasp all the tasks. His creative and design imagination is limitless, but at the same time he will never impose his view if the customer wants something specific, even the simplest. Will compose space within the specified framework. But if the customer gives the space at the mercy of Aleksandr, then he will be amazed by creative hooliganism and imagination. And he will be very surprised that such a delicacy can be created from an ordinary, standard space. Stylish, cool, thoughtful, bold and simple. To put it simply, I mean that this is a super clean, laconic space, in which there is nothing superfluous. Aleksandr has a very subtle and sharp sense of style, impeccable taste. And what is important, all the materials offered, furniture, and so on. will be selected taking into account the estimates, the cat. you have pledged for repairs. We are very satisfied and highly recommend. Fisheye. Aleksandr Kuznetsov.
The FishEye team is distinguished from the rest by its amazing ability to qualitatively bring your idea to life, fill it with functionality and create the very comfort that is different for everyone. For more than a year now we have been living in a new interior and enjoy admiring the little things that we thought, argued, and discussed together.
Christina Tsiglis
Квартира на Свердловской набережной
My husband and I saw Fisheye's works on instagram and just fell in love with them. Other studios offer a lot of interesting things, but only looking at the work of Fisheye I realized that we ourselves will not repeat this. Each Fisheye project is individual and unique, and this is due to the flexibility of the guys and the ability to find an approach to the customer, even to such a perfectionist as me)), the ability to hear all the wishes of the client, and a truly creative approach. We chose the Fisheye studio because the guys know how to work with color, and the abundance of gray-beige interior options on the market is personally boring for us. And, despite the fact that the price of the service is not small for us, we did not regret and were satisfied with every detail of the resulting project, which, like in a fairy tale, reflected almost all our dreams of a cozy, comfortable, modern interior. Now we are making the project a reality, and, of course, in the process of renovation, we have to clarify something, but this is reality and without it anywhere. Architectural supervision helps us a lot, tk. The contractor himself, who is also very good with us, of course offers solutions, but every detail is important to us, and designer Julia always finds the best option on the spot.
I wanted to share that I really liked that the designer at Fisheye travels with you to pick up materials during the renovation process, and it turned out to be very convenient. For us, this is the first renovation, and we simply did not even know about the availability of high-quality and unique materials in St. Petersburg. In general, we have only positive emotions, we are looking forward to the completion of the repair!)
Aleksandr is an excellent specialist and he has a wonderful sense of what the client needs and wants to see at home. It is important for me when a person loves, lives by his work and appreciates his clients, takes a responsible approach to the control and quality of work at all stages. We will definitely come back for a new design project when we expand) I wish the company growth and prosperity!
Ann Martirosyan
Директор стоматологического центра "Полный Порядок"
We express our deep gratitude to FISHEYE studio for their help in carrying out work within the framework of the rebranding of our dentistry! Our task was to create a truly comfortable and stylish reception, because it is he who is the face of the clinic and meets our patients.

Although our deadlines were limited, we paid special attention to this issue and turned to several studios. Only Fishye offered acceptable conditions and service and prepared as many as three visualization options. We liked the most discreet and easy to implement;) Thanks to the attentive attitude and well-coordinated work of the studio, we managed to finish the work on time. We wish the Fisheye studio health and success in their work from our entire friendly team.
FISHEYE is an excellent architectural bureau for a variety of tasks! I liked the professionalism, flexibility of approach and creativity in my work. At the entire stage of cooperation, from the development of a design project and further to the completion of construction, an attentive and thoughtful approach to work was always felt, which greatly saves the customer's time and money.
Based on the joint work carried out, I would especially like to note: - the desire to understand the needs of the Customer, his vision and help develop and implement this vision; - did not hesitate to tactfully criticize the unprofessional proposals of the Customer, patiently and intelligibly explaining why this or that wish cannot be fulfilled for technical reasons or undesirable for aesthetic reasons; - willingness and desire to look for ways to effectively reduce the cost of the project without compromising its quality; - the ability to keep well with the agreed terms of work.
Thank you very much for your sensitive attitude and professional work. Everything was fine, everything was clear, almost the first time. The fact is that I immediately knew what I needed, that's why they understood me so well. We did the complete set ourselves, so it was easier for us. The cost is normal. Sometimes it is more expensive. And cheaper.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the designers of the FISHEYE studio, and special thanks to the head and creative director Sasha Kuznetsov, for translating our ideas into reality. Despite the large number of design studios in our city, we opted for this team of professionals from St. Petersburg. Our family liked everything and we are very pleased with the work done. Despite the fact that my husband and I have very different preferences in interior design styles, the studio's specialists still managed to make our dreams come true and please both of us! The amazing combination of modern interior with classic elements not only pleases the eye, but also creates a feeling of comfort and harmony in our apartment. Thank you very much again for such beauty!
Aleksandr Pinemasov
ООО "Оснащение-М"
FISHEYE ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN advantages: - a decent level of performance; - reasonable cost; - pleasant creative team; - willingness to meet the wishes of the Customer; - broad specialization. In general, a very pleasant impression of your company and its representatives was left (usually there are several times more negative moments, they were practically absent in this work). I would like to sincerely wish you success personally and your team, creative successes and interesting projects!
The designers of the Fisheye studio perfectly heard and listened to all our wishes, but at the same time they always spoke directly about our impractical or unsuitable solutions, if we offered any. This is very important in work, because the apartment is not being built for one year.
Aleksandr Makarov
Директор ООО «Компания БЕСТ»
In the period from 2013 to 2014, our company collaborated with FISHEYE Architecture & Design on the design and decoration of buildings and production facilities in the city of Surgut. I would like to note that the FISHEYE Architecture & Design company employs real professionals in their field, who solve the assigned tasks with ease and enthusiasm, not missing even the smallest details. We were pleasantly surprised by their creative approach, ability, while staying within the set tasks, to find new, bold and creative solutions. We cannot ignore the flexible approach to the selection of materials, which ultimately led to cost savings without sacrificing quality. All work was carried out on time. From cooperation with FISHEYE, only positive impressions remained, and we will be happy to use their services in the future.
We decided wth Sasha that it would be a futuristic interior, but not as it happens today, but as the science fiction writers of the 60s of the last century imagined. The guys just set up experiments in our apartment, constantly introduced new items into the project: devices, technologies. Working together with them was so interesting that it completely captivated me during the creation of the project and its implementation. Well, it turned out that what they wanted!

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